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Kataragama a popular pilgrimage destination frequented by adherents of all religions in Sri Lanka. The main shrine devoted to Skanda popularly described in eulogies as God having six faces and twelve arms whose assistance is sought for worldly gain. The history of the shrine dates back to 2 century BC. The annual procession held in July or August is the main event of the shrine with fire walkers and Kawadi dancers. Offering to the got are made at 4.30am 10.30am and 6.30pm daily.

Yala National Park

Yala National Park Safari

Yala Park is the 2nd largest wildlife park in Sri Lanka. The climate here is semi-arid with vast dry woodlands and open patches of grasslands and is divided into five blocks. Jeep Safari tour through the wildlife Park will be an unforgettable adventure, along with an odd chance of being charged at by a juvenile bull elephant! But as one will find out soon it's part of the daily routine of a young bull elephant and quite harmless. Park also includes wide varieties of wildlife and plants. Two large rivers flow through the park and are home to about 32 species of mammals, 125 species of birds, along with many reptiles and lagoon fauna species. The entrance fees are payable at the main entrance office and includes the services of a tracker. In our opinion Yala National park is the best place to see peafowl's in their best suits, monkeys chattering through the bush, elephants trumpeting through the undergrowth, elusive Sri Lankan leopards (Panthera pardus kotiya) gliding soundlessly through the bush hunting for their next meal, end of the dry season is the best time to see the animals around shrinking water holes.

Catamaran Ride

Catamaran Ride in Tissa

Angulmaduwa is a village of traditional artisans and is believed to be where brass making began in Sri Lanka. Iron-smelting and steel-tempering have been recorded as being practiced in this area since ancient times. Located on the way to Mulkirigala, a stop at Angulmaduwa provides an opportunity for a traveller to see a group of dedicated traditional artisans at work, producing high quality traditional brassware. These items are popular souveniers from the area and can be purchased at reasonable prices from the artisans themselves.

Most popular are the various types of lamps; standing or hanging models. The hanging lamps are commonly made in the shapes of birds, elephants and barrel shapes. The standing lamps which are cast in brass include tall lamps, lamps with branches and specially designed ceremonial lamps. Sri Lankans believe that lighting of an oil lamp is auspicious at important occasions and commonly use these brass lamps for that purpose.

Whale Watching

Mirissa Whale and Dolphin Watching

One of the best places in the world to see one of the only recorded resident blue whale colonies in their natural habitat. Dolphins are regularly spotted on whale watching trips organized from Mirissa and Dondra head on the south coast. The BBC documentary titled "Ocean Giants" featuring the mesmeric world of Whales and Dolphins, and the scientist's effort to shed light on their habits and why they grow so large were filmed around Sri Lanka and according to them 30 Blue Whales were sighted in a single day!

There is a 95% chance of spotting Sperm Whales (not sure of Sperm Whales, just do some readings on the web and see) and great chances of spotting Blue Whales as their migration path from Africa to Australia is just off Dondra Point. We are able to arrange Whale Watching Trips off Dondra Point in a fully insured trawler boat which will last for 3 hours. Also there is a good chance of spotting Spinner Dolphins off Dondra head.


Visit Kataragama Temple

According to legendary history Ruhunu Kataragama Maha Devalaya (at right) was built by King Dutugemunu around 160 years B.C. in fulfillment of a vow to defeat King Elara in battle. It was endowed with large extent of land by King Dutugemunu for its maintenance and subsequent monarchs did likewise.

The 'building is a simple structure of two apartments and with no embellishments or show of grandeur. It has not undergone any major structural alterations, during this long period of over 2,000 years since its construction. Rubeiro in his History of Ceylon says that 'four leagues inland from this spot (the salterns in Hambantota) is a Pagoda held in great reverence by the Grutiles; here are preserved the offerings which had been made for many ages, consisting of gold, jewels and precious stones, and 500 armed men are always maintained in its defence".


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